An Analysis of Students’ Satisfaction with the Writing Classroom Environment

Eliwarti Eliwarti, Indah Tri Purwanti


Students’ satisfaction with classroom environment is crucial in language learning, particularly learning writing skills. If they are happy and satisfied with classroom environment, they are likely to actively participate in the learning process. This study aims at analyzing the students’ satisfaction with the writing III classroom environment which covers the linguistics aspect, the materials and the lecturer. The population of the study was all semester IV students taking Writing III subject. Students from Class B were chosen as the sample using Cluster Random Sampling technique. To collect the data, the researcher used a set of questionnaire with five alternative choices. It contains 15 items, so the highest score is 75 and the lowest soce is 5. The results show that the students were Highly Satisfied (41,67%) and Satisfied (58,33%) with the Writing III classroom environment and none of them were Unsatisfied. In addition, the percentage between those who are Highly Satisfied and Satisfied is quite comparable. To conclude, the Writing III classroom environment was satisfactory for the students. However, further researches can focus on how to increase students’ satisfaction so that more and more students will be Highly satisfied. Moreover, more instruments can be used in order that better results can be obtained.

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