Analyzing Students’ Ability on Listening Comprehension

Maria Safriyanti, Atni Prawati


Listening Comprehension plays as one of the important skills in language learning for EFL students at Universitas Riau. This research aimed to describe how far the English Education Study Program students ‘ability on listening comprehension, especially their skill in writing summary based on the native speaker’s oral speech. This study used the descriptive research with qualitative approach and focused on the content analysis. The researcher took the data based on the students’ group activity in writing summary through listening comprehension. The data was analysed by measuring their ability on summary writing criteria; main idea, details, order, paraphrase, and conventions. The result showed that most of students were able to write their comprehension on main idea. However, they faced difficulties in writing the detail and the regular information they got through the listening audio. They were able to write by using their own words on the summary, and also, they used the good spelling, grammar, conventions on the sentences. The students’ ability results on listening comprehension have indicated that they have to have the strong motivation, more practices, and deep knowledge to improve their listening comprehension.

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