The Analysis of Understanding Sentence Final Particle ‘Yo’ by Japanese Learners

Hana Nimashita


This paper investigates the Japanese sentence-final particles „yo‟ as they occur in conversation and the equivalent of „yo‟ in Indonesian using by Japanese Education students of Riau University. By using theory of sentence final particles presented byMasuoka (1992). This research is a qualitative descriptive research with translation of sentence-final particles „yo‟from imperative, information and invitation sentences as main data. The result of this research are as follows: first, most of students can not distinguish the function of sentence final particle „yo‟ in imperative, information and invitation sentences. Second, the needs of learning improvement in senteces final particle esprecially in grammar and conversation lectures to teach the differences of senteces final particle functions.


sentence final particle yo, translation, imperative, information sentence, invitation sentence

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