A Systematic Literature Review with Bibliometric Meta-Analysis of Text Visualization in Education

Maran Chanthiran, Mohd Hishamuddin, Abu Bakar Ibrahim, Punithavili Mariappan


The Covid 19 pandemic has changed education globally. Technology has become the primary medium in accessing education by educators. In addition, education has endured innumerable developments and variations according to the development of technology and science. The use of the current technology as big data, data mining and text visualization has become an inclination in 21st-century education in providing learning aids that are technological and digital. Therefore, the purpose of this systematic survey is to identify peer-reviewed literature on text visualization in education. Scopus and Web of Science and IEEE citation databases are used in the data-gathering phase. PRISMA approach and keyword search were extracted and analyzed. This bibliographic data of articles published in the journals over the five years were extracted. VOS viewer was used to analyzing the data contained in all journals. The findings show that reviews are showing the utilization and acknowledgement of text visualization in education. Additionally, shows that the utilization of text visualization positively affects enhance understanding of the subject among students. However, there is still space to elevate its ease of use in education, which is presently in the 4.0 education shift following the improvement of the Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0.


Text Visualization; Word Mining; Education; Natural Language; Bibliometric Analysis; Big Data

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