Critical Thinking Analysis of Reading With Graphic Organizer Media in Elementary School

Otang Kurniaman, Eddy Noviana, Neni Hermita, Dea Sinta Maharani, Ardanil Marwan, Nofrico Afendi


Critical thinking is learning that is more emphasized in the 2013 curriculum and 21st-century skills as the ability of students to solve problems against facts, for that we need analysis of students' abilities by using a graphic media organizer. This research is a descriptive quantitative study that provides a description of the numbers that are explained in words. The sample in this study consisted of 43 students in grade IV elementary school in the Gugus 1 Tampan. The results of the study analyzed students' ability to think critically with an average of 1.13 with less categories, and seen in indicators that identified initial problems with an average of 1.21, Understanding Reasoning with an average of 1.02, Identifying and interpreting statements and ideas with an average of 1.23 , and Identifying conclusions with an average of 1.05, each indicator that appears categorized as less. So it can be concluded that the ability to critical thinking in reading is still less.

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