The Role of Practicum in Learning Natural Science

Riki Apriyandi Putra, Elya Febrita, Muhammad Amin


The objective of this reserach was to find out the perspectives of the students of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) of Riau University (Biology, Physic, and Chemistry), the students of Natural Science Education of State Islamic University of SUSKA (UIN SUSKA) Riau, and the students of Natural Science Study Program of FKIP of Muhammadiyah University of Riau (UMRI) on the role of practicum in learning Natural Science. This research was a Public Opinion Survey Research. The samples were the third semester students who have taken courses; basic biology, basic physics, and basic chemistry. The sample distributions were 2 study groups in each department of FKIP of Riau University, 2 study groups of Natural Science Education of UIN SUSKA Riau, and 2 study groups of Natural Science Study Program of FKIP UMRI. The research intruments were questionnaire and interview. The results showed that the implementation of Natural Science Practicum at three universities and the quality of practicum based on the aspects of planning, implementation, and assessment at the three study programs of FKIP of Riau University were good but not optimal. The Efforts to optimize the quality of Natural Science practicum were the policy making by the faculty leaders related to the regulation and implementation of Natural Science practicum (Biology, Physics, And Chemistry), changing the mindset of students related to the importance of mastering Natural Science practicum in an integrated manner, using learning strategies which directs the students to conduct Natural Science practicum, and the mastery of Natural Science practicum by lecturers, and to familiarize literacy-based science learning.

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