Quality Review of Computer Based Interactive Mathematics Learning Media on Geometry Topics in Flat Fields for Elementary Students

Jalinus Jalinus, Jesi Alexander Alim


This study is a continuation of the 2018 study, namely the assessment of the impact of the application of mathematics learning using computer-based interactive media on flat plane geometry in grade VI elementary school students. The quality of learning seen is the effectiveness of learning from the learning outcomes observed in the learning process in the classroom, namely student activities and learning outcomes in mathematics. The point is the learning outcomes obtained through tests after using Computer-Based Interactive Media. Great expectations are hung on Computer-Based Interactive Learning Flat Topic Geometry Topics to improve the quality of mathematics learning. Then it is predicted that the quality of mathematics learning will be better and more enjoyable in accordance with the characteristics of elementary school students who are still in a concrete operational phase. The purpose of this study is to describe the quality of learning in elementary schools using computer-based interactive learning media and describe teacher responses about interactive media and disseminate innovative learning of mathematics using computer media. This study took the population of the Madya Pekanbaru elementary school in Riau Province and the sample in the study was taken two elementary schools namely Babussalam private elementary school 2 classes (control class and experimental class) and 37 public elementary school Pekanbaru 2 classes (control class and experimental class). The control and experiment classes are homogeneous learning abilities (proven by statistical tests). After being given treatment the experimental class learning outcomes are higher than the control class learning outcomes (as evidenced by the t test or the different test). Means the quality of learning using interactive computer-based learning media is better than learning not using a computer. This teaching material is very effective to improve the quality of learning because it can lead to positive activities for students (fun). Teaching material for interactive learning media based on flat geometry computer is very effective to generate creativity and fun and can help students learn independently and can help teachers in teaching (in accordance with facts obtained from 2 observers). Means that teaching materials of interactive computer-based learning media that have been tested can be used by teachers and students of grade VI specifically in the city of Pekanbaru.

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