Integrating English Drama Instruction into the Local Wisdom of Riau Malay Culture

Jismulatif Jismulatif, Dahnilsyah Dahnilsyah


This is a researh and development study which seeks to explore the integration of local wisdom values into the English drama subject. The subject of this study are students of the English Study Program, Riau University. The data were gathered by means of observation, interview, and questionnaire. To obtain the data on the effectiveness of English drama instruction, field-notes, guided-interview, questionnaire, and self assessment were used. Data analysis technique had a series of steps which was engaged in developing, identifying, designing, formating, and revising things related to instructional materials and models of learning. The findings of the study provided evidence that there was a significant progress of the awareness and comprehesion of the students’ towards the local wisdom values. Therefore it is concluded that exposure of drama scripts that promotes the local wisdom values should be sustainably developed.

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