An Analysis of Learners’ Reading Experiences Developing Reading Interest

Syofia Delfi, Fangiana Safitri Diah, Jismulatif Jismulatif


Studies show that learners’ reading interest is based on the personal reading histories. It is needed to be studied thoroughly because learners have different experiences. The result of analysis of this current study is based on a preliminary study on “The Analysis of Reading Experiences in Personal Reading Histories of Learners of FKIP University of Riau”. This article aims to explore how the learners’ reading experiences develop their reading interest. The data are about successful learners in Extensive Recourse from 2016 until 2018 indicating their reading interest. The analysis is developed into categories in order to find the answer of a research question. The result of analysis shows that the learners’ reading experiences develop their reading interest in terms of constructive process for valuable experiences. In the following research, it will be strengthen by adding the ways of collecting and analyzing data. It is expected that the finding of this study is meaningful for the study designed.

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