Manifestation of Malay Kinship Greetings in The Big Family of Kaharuddin and Zubaidah

Hermandra Hermandra, Zulhafizh Zulhafizh


The observation object was the big family of Kaharuddin and Zubaidah. The observation was conducted to know the change or manisfation of Malay kinship greetings in the family. The approach used was qualitative with descriptive method. The techniques of data collection was interview with listen and note strategy and recording about the usage of greetings in the big family of Kaharuddin and Zubaidah included their three children who already have their own family. Then the analysis was conducted by observing the forms of existed greetings. The analysis results show that the greetings used in the family life as the base of building interaction process. A greeting eases someone in intertwining relationship or communication between one another. However, the greeting in the big family of Kaharuddin and Zubaidah experiences significant manifestation process. This manifestation occurs in the greeting ‘Pak De’ and ‘Mas’ which appear in the middle of Malay family because of the people’s influence. This influence in general is caused by economic condition, someone’s social that indirectly gives impact on the usage of certain greeting in a family.

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