Vocabulary Size of Students of English Study Program of FKIP Universitas Riau; A Cross-Sectional Study

Masyhur Masyhur, Marzuki Marzuki, Zaldi Harfal, Sindi Yunika


This study sought to find out the students' vocabulary size, whether there are significant differences of the sizes based on the semester, students' gender and related to the frequency of the students' language use. A quantitative cross-sectional study is used as the design. The sample consisted of second, fourth, and sixth-semester students of English Study Program FKIP Universitas Riau. Vocabulary Size Test and questionnaires were used to collect the data. The results showed that; the students' vocabulary sizes were respectively 67.1%, 56.8%, and 68.8%; the vocabulary size of the second, fourth, and sixth semester students were different with a significance value of 0.03; There was no difference related to students gender with a significance value of 0.90; and frequency of the language use had no contribution to students' vocabulary size with a significance value of 0.989. It can be concluded that there was a significant difference between the vocabulary sizes of the students related to their semester while there were no significant differences in the sizes related to the students’ gender and the frequency of language use.

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