Teaching Listening by Using Note-Taking Strategies at Eleventh Graders of Social Science Program at SMAN 4 Payakumbuh

Netra Fitria


Listening skill is one of the most important skills that should be taught by the teachers. One of the strategies in teaching listening is the note-taking strategy. This research was an experimental research purposed to know the effectiveness of teaching listening by using note taking strategies. The population of the research was eleventh graders of SMAN 4 Payakumbuh. The sample was chosen by the cluster sampling technique. The research instrument was listening test in multiple choices which had content validity and was reliable because analyzed by split half reliability. The data was analyzed by using formula of Sudijono to know the test scores. Then, to answer the hypotheses, the writer analyzed the data by using t-test formula.After calculating the data, the writer found that experimental class score was higher than control class. The mean score for experimental class is 68.84 as the total score, while the mean score for control class is 62.05 as the total score. Furthermore, t-calculated is higher than t-table. t-calculated is 2.233 while t-table is 1.992 at df= 75 and p= 0.05. In other word, there is a significant effect in teaching listening by using note-taking strategies at eleventh grader of SMA N 4 Payakumbuh

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