Verbal Violence by Candidates Supporters Community in the Political Discourse on the 2019 Presidential Election on Instagram Social Media

Hasnah Faizah, Tria Putri Mustika, Surya Eko Prasetyo


This research is a qualitative approach with descriptive method. The data of this study are speeches that contain verbal violence in the political discourse of the 2019 Presidential Election taken from community’s accounts on Instagram social media, starting from September 2018 until March 2019. This research aims to describe the forms of verbal violence used by the candidate’s supporter in political discourse about 2019 presidential election on social media Instagram. The results showed that the most dominant form of verbal violence that appeared in the comments of the candidate’s supporterin the 2019 Presidential Election was expressive speeches, especially in the form of cencure, criticizing, and mocking. This proves that, the use of language in the political context in Indonesia today, is more directed to the goal of demeaning, overthrowing, and even attacking political opponents rather than to influence and build people's paradigms about the goodness and strengths of political understanding.

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