Mapping of English for Business Communication (EBC) Competence of the Students of Vocational Schools in Coastal Areas (Dumai, Bengkalis, Meranti, and Inhil) in Riau Province

Fakhri Ras, H. Mohd Syarfi


This research aims to obtain an accurate mapping of the ability to use English for Business Communication (EBC) in oral form (spoken form) in the City of Dumai, Bengkalis regency, Meranti regency, and Inhil regency (coastal areas of Riau Province). The population are so big number, 2.750 students. Due to the homogenous character of the population esspecially in term of academic factor, the sample are taken randomly as big as 400 students (6.87%). The needed data of speaking ability in the form of interview. The students are asked to join the job Interview session. The activities of "job interviews or working languages" are carried out by researchers or data collectors. The collected data are analyzed by grouping their ability into 5 to 0 (Brown: 2004). The results of this study indicate that the ability of vocational students in the coastal areas of Riau province in answering questions (speaking) from job interviews are between 3 and 4 categories. The highest average score of students in answering (speaking) job interview questions was obtained by two regencies, Bengkalis and Inhil equal to (3.5). While, Dumai got an average of (3.3). Meranti was at a smaller value than some other regencies and cities at (3.16). Overall the average value of vocational students in answering (speaking) job interview questions is (3.37). The implication of these findings are the students should be well trained in a regular activities in order to achieve a very good and an excellent level in the future.

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