Need Analysis of Development Work Sheet of Student (LKPD) in Writing Explanatory Text based on Fishbone Diagram

Charlina Charlina, Elvrin Septyanti


This research is a stage in the development of LKPD writing explanatory texts based on fishbone diagrams for senior high schools. This study is to describe needs analysis of students in writing explanatory texts. The research method used was a survey method. Data collection techniques in this study were questionnaires. This research uses a Likert scale to measure the attitudes, opinions, and or perceptions of students regarding LKPD developed. This study uses a questionnaire that was made in the form of a checklist with an assessment range of 1 to 5. The questionnaire compiled was addressed to students in four high schools in Pekanbaru. This sampling technique is based on quota sampling determined by the researcher. The data analysis technique is done by changing the category value into an assessment score and analyzing the score. The results showed that 51.2% of students were unfamiliar with the fishbone strategy and 88.2% of the students wanted a LKPD that was designed clearly and detail. This shows the need for preparation of LKPD to write explanatory texts based on fishbone diagrams.

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