Enhancing News Writing Skills by Utilizing Serial Pictures for First Year Diploma Students of Poltekkes Kemenkes, Padang

Ayu Gustia Ningsih, Dwi Christina Rahayuningrum, Siti Aisyah Nur, Siska Sakti Anggraini


Findings from the results of the author's interviews with Indonesian language lecturers as well as level 1 students of the D3 Nutrition Science Study Program of the Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health in Padang are, students have not been able to write news, because of the following things. First, they have the lack of students' ability in writing. Second, students are less able to develop the elements of building news. Third, ineffective learning media used by lecturers. The type of this research is classroom action research with the research subject with 39 students. Data collection tools used were student activity observation sheets and final tests. Data analysis techniques used are descriptive and analysis of learning outcomes. This research consisted of two cycles and each cycle was held twice. The results of the study in each cycle are pre-cycle with an average value of 70.87 students, the first cycle with an average value of 86.46 students and the second cycle 93.74, this shows student activity tends to increase. Furthermore, it was concluded that lectures on learning to write news with serial image media can increase the activity and learning outcomes of students in D3 Nutrition Study Program.

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