Preliminary Study in the Development of Simple Machine Kit as Maritime-Based Science Instructional Media for Junior School Students in Coastal Area

Zulirfan Zulirfan, M. Rahmad, Zulhelmi Zulhelmi, Jeihan A. Alperez, Nurrahmi P. Viranda


In order for science learning to be more useful for students, it must be related to the context around them. For this reason, learning must integrate the contexts of students' daily lives with what they are learning in classroom. This preliminary study aims to identify maritime elements that can be integrated into junior high school science learning in coastal areas. The science lesson topics that we are concern in this study are Work and Simple Machine. This topic is taught in grade 8 of junior high school. The results of the field survey found that marine elements that could be integrated with simple machine kits included: boats, oars, pulley to raise the sail of the traditional ship, pulleys for containers, inclined planes for raising passengers and goods, and traditional ship anchor lifters. These elements then form the basis for the design of a maritime-based simple machine kit that will be used in classroom.

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