Analysis of Learning Difficulties Using the Certainty Of Response Index of Thermodynamic Material

Agus Purnama, Yenni Lestari, Yennita Yennita, Fakhruddin Fakhruddin, Zulhelmi Zulhelmi


Most students have difficulty learning in all schools, some know concepts, do not know concepts and misconceptions. Misconceptions experienced by students often occur in abstract material (difficult to do experiments). The purpose of this study is to describe the level of learning difficulties in the Thermodynamics material using the method of certainty of response index (CRI). Respondents in this survey study were 143 high school students in Pekanbaru. Data obtained from this study in the form of a percentage of the level of difficulty of student learning outcomes based on: a) Know the concept, b) Don't know the concept, c) Misconceptions. Based on data analysis, the average percentage of misconceptions on Thermodynamics material is students who know the concept of 10.45%, misconceptions of 54.67% and do not know the concept of 34.88%. Legal Material I Thermodynamics

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