The Use PQ4R Strategy in Chemistry Learning Process to Improve Student's Knowledge and Motivation

Asmadi Muhammad Noer, Roza Linda, Sri Wilda Albeta, Popi Andari, Octavianus Octavianus


Research on the implementation of the strategy Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite, and Review (PQ4R) was carried out in the course of Inorganic Chemistry 2, semester 5, Chemistry Education Study Program, FKIP-Unri. Teaching material in the form of PQ4R-based Student Worksheets (LKM) was designed, self-validation and then a limited test was conducted to students. The PQ4R research idea arose after the reflection of the implementation of active learning in English Chemistry (Asmadi, 2015) is time consuming. too much time needed to carry out every stage of learning activities, while students are expected to read a lot of textbooks for self-development / literacy. MFIs with the PQ4R strategy are felt to be quite simple and easy to apply in class for inorganic chemistry 2 courses on bonding material. The results of the syllabus study, Chemical Bond material is an important material that needs to be equipped for prospective chemistry teachers because this material is very broad in scope, so teachers / prospective teachers need to master the material well through PQ4R learning activities. The research method used is one Group Pretest-Postest Design. The results showed an increase in the value of student learning outcomes, and there was an influence of adequate learning motivation

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