Project-Based Learning Activities: Analysis and Alternative Solutions in Teaching Materials

Zulhelmi Zulhelmi, Dina Syaflita, Arnentis Arnentis


Teaching material are one of the learning tools that play an important role in supporting the achievement of learning objectives. Teaching materials must be in accordance with the syllabus and competencies to be achieved. If not, then the expected competence cannot develop properly. For this reason, revisions to the teacher's and student's books as teaching materials used in Curriculum of 2013 in Indonesia need to be carried out with the aim of perfecting and providing alternative solutions for learning activities. The purpose of this study is to analyze and provide alternative solutions that teachers can use in learning projects. This research is a descriptive study. The steps taken are the analysis, interpretation, and description stages. This research was conducted through focus group discussions conducted by three education lecturers. The results are: First, Project assignments for disturbance and abnormalities of the motion system and technology that are inspired by the structure of plants in the teacher's book need to be revised or can be replaced with other project assignments. Second, the digestive system material and additive and addictive substances the teacher can add project assignments to meet the achievement of competencies in knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

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