Validation of Student Worksheets Using Problem Based Learning in Meteorology and Climatology Learning

Muhammad Arif, Alexander Syam


Geography learning as a science learning requires appropriate teaching materials to help students learn by studying and analyzing natural phenomena that exist on earth. Appropriate teaching materials are teaching materials that are integrated with student centered learning such as problem based learning. Therefore, every development of teaching materials needs to be validated. The type of research carried out is R&D with the focus outlined is the validation of student worksheets for meteorology and climatology courses. The data collection instrument used was a questionnaire filled by three experts in geography education. Validation is done through discussions to obtain suggestions for improvement and filling out a questionnaire to assess student worksheets. Validation carried out includes four assessment indicators namely content, construct, language, and graphic validation. The selection of suitable phenomenon images and attractive color combinations is needed in developing a teaching material. Assignments given and learning objectives must be aligned and the task of identifying measuring instruments should be complemented with the task of determining how to use the tools. Based on the results of the validation assessment, it was stated that the students' worksheets on meteorology and climatology that were developed are valid for use in learning.

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