The Use of Programming Software Based on Pascal to Optimalize Study Process and Learning Outcomes of Mathematics Education Student in Numerical Method Course

Atma Murni, Rini Dian Anggraini


The aim of this research is to describe student learning process and learning outcomes in Numerical Method course with the use of prgramming software based on Pascal. The subject of this research was the students of mathematics education study program who studied Numerical Method course in the even semester of academic year 2018/2019 consisted of 69 students. The instruments of this research are observation sheets for thirteen meetings and learning outcomes test for three times of quiz. The topics consisted of: error, iteration, root of nonlinear equation, system of linear equations, interpolation, and integral. The calculation that usually calculated by using calculator, continued by using programming software based on Pascal. Observation result shows that the students were enthusiatic in learning process and able to match the answers that manually calculated by using calculator with to calculation by using programming software based on Pascal. The means of student’s learning outcomes in 1st quiz, 2nd quiz, and 3rd quiz are 70,48; 65,55; and 76,59 with the final mean 70,87. The final mean of learning outcomes is categorized as medium.

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