Developing Spirituality in Educational Technology Research to Build Character of Quality Culture in Disruption Era 4.0

Dian Cita Sari, Azmi Raudhatul Islah, Dian Oka Putra, Endah Wahyuningsih


This research is motivated by the urgency of the integration of sprirituality in educational technology research towards modern era. The fact that almost all innovations and technologies in modern today is the result of the development of Western, has encouraged this research to be realized as a strategic effort to reconstruct medical technology innovation and technology for Muslim medical personnel, as well as realizing Islamic medical and health sciences reference to the success of Islamic civilization in medical and health fields throughout the world. Its special value from educational technology research is the tawhid (unity) which is the spiritual and material unity, the unity of body and soul, the unity of the world and the hereafter, and the unity of thought and action. Because individuals have different concepts of what is right, it is necessary to develop core values of educational technology research for organization. One of the successful indicators of educational organizations in universities is the creation of a quality culture. The findings of this research are: First, the quality culture in in higher education is strongly influenced by core values of sprituality in educational technology research that are socialized and internalized in all components and members of the organization continuously. Second, disseminate the value to be understood, and internalized by all components of education, so that will impact on organizational behavior. Third, improving the quality of human resources to support new ideas, vision and mission of the organization through education. Fourth, provide the facilities needed by the organization effectively. Fifth, apply organizational values; And Sixth, controlling organizational behavior.

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