The Development of Student Worksheets Based On Scaffolding Learning Strategy

Atika Nurul Fathiyah, Mitri Irianti, Azizahwati Azizahwati, Yennita Yennita


The purpose of this study was to elaborated the worksheets based on scaffolding with a 4D design (define, design, develop and disseminate). Data collection instruments used were the validation sheet given to 3 vaidators. Content feseability, presentation eligibility, language feseability, and graphic eligibility are the aspects which were assesed by the validator using Likert scale. Based on the data analysis, obtained that all aspects got an average score 3.47 on a scale of 4 and was categorized in very high category. The Worksheets can be said has a valid status. For the purpose of testing the effectiveness of the worksheets, a cognitive test was given to 60 students in grade XI of MAN 1 INHIL which consisted of 15 question items. The data analysis showed that there are differences in learning outcomes between students who are using worksheets based on scaffolding with students who do not. The learning outcomes of the students who were taught by using the worksheets were higher than the students who were taught by conventional model.

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