Development Of Natural Science (Ipa) Comic Media On Global Warming Material

Mariani Natalina, Annisa Puspita Sari, Fitri Olivia Rahma


Natural science (IPA) comic media can be used to increase student’s motivation and interest in global warming material. This study aims to produce IPA comic media on Global Warming material. This research consists of Analysis, Design and Development. IPA comic media developed was the material of junior high school in VII class about Basic Competencies (KD) 3.9 analyzing climate change and its impact on ecosystems which consist of 3 meetings. The analysis, design, development, internal validation and first trial were carried out in Laboratorium Pendidikan Biologi FKIP Universitas Riau. External validation and second trial was conducted at SMP IT FIS Pekanbaru. IPA comic media were validated based on five aspects of developing comic learning media such as Simplicity, Emphasis, Balance, Cohesiveness, and Comic Design. IPA science comic media on Global Warming material produced in this study was very valid category, so it is suitable to be used as a source of independent learning to increase student’s interest in reading.

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