Improving of Motivation and Learning Achievement of Mathematics by Using Missouri Mathematics Projects (MMP) of Learning Models and High Order Thinking (HOT) on Limit Trigonometric Topic

Siti Misi Akhidah


Motivation and student learning achievement are still low. One of the efforts taken by teacher in the 4th industrial revolution learning process is to use Missouri Mathematics Projects (MMP) of learning models and high order thinking on the topic limit trigonometric. The goal is to guide students to critical, creative, collaborative and innovative thingking skills to get the concept of limit trigonometric topic. This is a class action research on learning mathematics. The subject of this research is students of class XII IPA 2 SMA Negeri 3 Pekanbaru. The research consists of two cycles. Each cycle consists of four stages: review, development, drill, seatwork. Based on the results of the study, motivation and learning achievement can be improved by using MMP of learning models. This can be seen from the increases of learning motivation which increasing from cycle 1 to cycle II by 10% and result of learning increases from cycle I to cycle II equal to 27,78%. Improve of learning achievement is easy to achieve because in the use of this model students can connect, colaborate and teach each other about case limit trigonometric. The use of MMP is designed to make the student solve a lot of cases.

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