The Reconstruction of Environmental Education Curriculum Based on Kkni through the Integration of Character Value of Environmental Care and Disaster Response

Fitra Suzanti, Evi Suryawati, Diah Anugrah Dipuja


The objective of this research was to reconstruct the Environmental Education curriculum based on Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) through the integration of the character value of environmental care and disaster response. The samples of research were 10 Lecturers who have taught Environmental Education Courses. The types of data used in this research were qualitative and quantitative data. The data were obtained from primary and secondary data. The primary data was obtained from the documentation of the use of learning devices. Meanwhile, the secondary data was obtained from the research instruments in the form of open and closed questionnaires. The open questionnaire was used as an interview guideline. The data were analyzed descriptively. For the Closed-Questionnaire (Verification of the implementation of the Environmental Education course), the percentage of Environmental Education learning materials that had been implemented was at 90%, while the learning material that had not been implemented was at 10%. For the Open-Questionnaire (Interview of the implementation of Environmental Education courses), most lecturers said that the reconstruction or revision of the course was needed in terms of Intsructional Plans, assessment sheets, observation sheets, Power Points, and Student Worksheets. This reconstruction was carried out to achieve the goal of the course and to support the policies of University of Riau as Centre of Excelence (CoE) in the management of wetlands and disaster.

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