The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model to Improve Students’ Learning Outcome of Logic and Set of FKIP Mathematics Education Study Program, University of Riau

Syofni Syofni


This is a classroom action research which aims to improve students’ learning outcome by improving the learning quality which is done by implementing Problem Based Learning model in logic and set subject. This model is chosen because at the beginning of the learning, the students are given problem which expected to encourage the students in learning and motivate them to identify their initial abilities. Students’ learning outcomes are said to be improved if at low and very low interval the frequency of students’ decreases from SD to SUTS and to SUS, or at high and very high intervals the frequency of students’ increases from SD to SUTS and to SUS. There are decreases in the number of students at very low score intervals from 10 students at the basic score to 5 students at the middle exam. Meanwhile, at the very high score intervals there are improvements from 3 students at the basic score to 8 students at middle exam and to 10 students at the final exam. Therefore, it can be concluded that Problem Based Learning model is successfully improved students’ learning outcome of logic and set of FKIP mathematics education study program, university of Riau.

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