How Finance is Allocated and Spent in Myanmar Education



Today, the world becomes global era. The world changes from many fields. Every nation tries to develop respective areas such as education health, information and communication technology and culture and thoughts .Among them, education is very important to develop a nation. To be successful in education, there must have human resources and financial resources. Qualified human such as good leaders, teachers are essential to produce talented students. On the other hand, financial resources are needed to fulfill infrastructure and for training costs for teachers etc. Thus, finance is important role in education. That’s why ever nation have financial system respectively, and all nations especially have financial system for education. Therefore, finance, financial planning, financial management, financial planning, linkage between education and finance, education policies and plan in Myanmar, education finance in Myanmar, challenges facing in financial system of education system in Myanmar and contributions are presented thoroughly. Thus , this paper will be beneficial for some readers.

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