The Logical Thinking Ability of Mathematics Education Students of Riau University on Algorithms and Programming Courses

Syarifah Nur Siregar, Yenita Roza


Algorithms are logical and systematic steps to solve the problems. Therefore, in making algorithms it is very necessary the logical thinking ability. This study aims to determine the logical thinking ability of Mathematics Education students of Riau University who will attend the Algorithm and Programming courses in the academic year 2019/2020, amounting to 64 people. The results obtained can be a reference for researchers in applying approaches/models/strategies/methods of learning to the Algorithms and Programming courses. This research is descriptive research. Data collection was carried out through a pretest with a four-item in essay. The questions refers to the characteristics of logical thinking abilities, namely coherent thinking, the ability to argue, and drawing conclusions. The results of the study showed that there were 15.63% of students who were able to think coherently in solving problems, 82.81% of students were able to give reasons precisely, and 87.5% of students were able to draw conclusions correctly. This data indicates that students have been able to give reasons for each step/stage of problem solving and draw conclusions as the end of a process. But students have not been able to write down steps/stages that are structured to solve problems.

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