The Development of Geoelectric Exploration Material on Advanced Earth Physics Course

Muhammad Nor, Zuhdi Zuhdi, Syahril Syahril


This paper is focused on designing development of geoelectrical tools as a learning media for advanced earth science course. The geoelectrical tools have been designed by utilizing inverter technology, power supply which has integrated by the battery charging system. One consists of three main components that are inverter for increasing the initial voltage of 12 to 220 volts, charging module as the energy sources for the batteries before used and the power supply unit. The geoelectrical tools have been successfully designed and have released the output power of 0 – 400 volts with a typical current of maximum five Ampere which is ready to be injected to the earth. Validation results by media expert to the achievement indicator of the learning media have shown that the designed media has been categorized “very valid” so that it is appropriate in the learning process for the advanced earth science course.

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