Response and Improvement of Environmental Care Attitude from Students After Using the Environmental Education Module Based on Local potential as Teaching Material for Lectures

Suwondo Suwondo, Sri Wulandari, Rudy Haryanto


The development of environmental education modules based on local potential of Riau Province has been carried out as an alternative teaching material in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Riau. This research was conducted to determine student responses and attitudes to care for the environment after using the local education module based on local potential in lectures. This research is a descriptive study conducted at FKIP Riau University in November 2018. The parameters of this study are: responses and changes in students' environmental care attitudes. Data collection techniques carried out through interviews and operational trials involving representatives of the control class (learning without modules) and experiments (learning using modules). The data analysis technique was carried out descriptively based on the results of the questionnaire responses and cognitive attitudes of environmental care. The results showed that students' perceptions of modules were classified as very good with a value of 82.57. All aspects of assessment are classified as very good, namely: aspects of appearance (82.00), presentation (81.72), linguistics (83.20), and benefits (83.36). Cognitive attitudes of environmental care of students in the experimental class increased higher (N-gain: 0.497 with moderate criteria) compared to those in the control class (N-gain: 0.058 with low criteria). Thus, based on responses and changes in students' environmental care attitudes, the environmental education module based on local potential can be used as an alternative teaching material for environmental education.

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