The Analysis of Students' Errors in Using Integration Techniques

Titi Solfitri, Hesty Marwani Siregar, Ratna Syari


This study aims to determine the type of error that students do in solving indefinite integrals based Newman classification error. This study is a qualitative study with research subjects are students of the 2nd half of Mathematics Education Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Riau, who taking course Integral Calculus. The instrument used in this study is a description that contains test questions about the indefinite integral. Newman error indicator in this study is an error in reading matter, misunderstands the matter, the transformation error, error process skills, and writing errors. Based on the results of error analysis using Newman indicators obtained results that the students made a mistake in reading matter by 20%, misunderstands the matter by 21,6%, 17,6% transformation error, error process skills by 12,8%, and errors writing of 2,4%.

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