Strengthening Indigenius Knowledge in Environmental Preservation: Studies in Society Petalangan Pelalawan

Muhammad Syafii, Zulkarnaini Zulkarnaini, Fatayat Fatayat, Hidayat Pratamasari


Encroachment, Tesso Nilo National Park (TNNP) in Pelalawan Riau Province which is phenomenal in recent years is one example of human greed for natural resources as opposed to the concept of sustainable development at the expense of a conservation ethic. TNNP encroachment has occurred since 1992 are spread along the road corridor and the centers of settlement. The occurrence of the above phenomenon is certainly very detrimental to the communities in the region, especially the threat of extinction in the values of public knowledge (indigenius knowledge). This study aims to analyze the role of the community Petalangan in practicing law and the values indigenius indigenius knowledge and strengthening of knowledge in environmental conservation in Region TNNP. The study concluded there are at least three groups of tribal society, which Petalangan, Logas Tanah Darat, and Mount Sahilan inhabiting and claiming to be the manager of the natural resources in TNNP were among those competing, thus becoming a potential threat to the sustainability of the forest area. Community who will be disappointed as they wished to benefit from the presence of TNNP, because of distrust of the manager and will be a threat to the collaborative management for creating social inequalities between communities. Need to do a variety of real effort, especially for people Petalangan in preserving indigenous knowledge TNNP through which they profess, because it was found there are nine indigenous knowledge with the potential to be used for the preservation of the environment based on local wisdom.

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