Optimization of the Science Approach Initially Classed Trough Lapbook Media

Zariul Antosa, Yanuar Kiram, Gusril Gusril, Firman Firman


This study aims to increase the active role of students in learning through scientific aproach through the use of lapbook media in early grade students. This type of research is experimental research. Research data collection using observation sheets, questionnaires and interview guides. This research is a Pre Experimental study using One Group Pretest-Posttest Design research design. The research instrument used observation sheets, questionnaires and interview guidelines. Observation sheets, questionnaires and interview guides are validated with media experts and learning experts. The results of the instrument development after validation by the validator in general the research instrument was declared feasible to use. The subjects of this study were 39 students in grade 1 of Pekanbaru Elementary School. 23 Women 16 men. Research data were processed using Microsoft Excel. Based on the results of data analysis, it is known that the use of Lapbook media increases the active role of students in the learning process by using a scientific approach. Lapbook media increases the ability to observe 75%, to ask 45%, reason 54%, to try 51% and communicate 51%. Thus lapbook media can increase the effectiveness of Scientific Aproach in early classroom learning

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