Ethnomatematics Based Learning For Students Of Elementary Teacher Education Faculty Of Teacher Training And Education Riau University Pekanbaru

Gustimal Witri, Zetra Hainul Putra, M. Alwi


This research is aimed to develop a piece of valid, practical and effective learning equipment based on ethnomathematics for students at Elementary School Teacher Education to improve their mathematics communication skill on the basic concept of mathematics for elementary about the two-dimensional figure. Ethnomathematics is mathematics which is linked to society’s culture outcomes such as either artifact or traditions. One of the traditions which grow in Malay Riau society is rhymed poem or pantun. To develop this learning equipment, the researchers used a 4D research development method. The stages of this method are: (1) Define, (2) Design (3) Develop and (4) Disseminate. According to the data analysis, it can be concluded that mathematics learning based on ethnomathematics can improve the mathematics communication skill of students at Elementary School Teacher Education, and generate the learning spirit.

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