The Effort to Raise Students’ Knowledge and Comprehension in the Learning Activity by Advanced Teachers

M. Nur Mustafa, Hermandra Hermandra, Zulhafizh Zulhafizh


The objects of observation were advanced teachers in the effort of raising students’ knowledge and comprehension through learning activities. The approach was descriptive method. The basic of description came from the instruments used to collect the data such as questionnaires. There were seven statements in the questionnaires as the base of data analysis materials in this article. The observation samples were 180 teachers spread in two parts; 54 teachers teaching in Pekanbaru City and 54 teachers teaching in Kampar Regency. Samples selection was done randomly. The analysis results give information that teachers’ orientation in doing the treatment is at average 4,15 with very high category. As an important note in the effort of raising students’ knowledge and comprehension, it is known that there are three treatments that teachers’ level of intensity is lack in there such as making the students curios by presenting current issue, making a map of concepts as the knowledge framework, and relate the problem empirically and realistically compared to utilizing prior knowledge for building the next knowledge, encouraging the students to dig information through contemplation, inviting the students to look at what the teachers and their friends do productively. Professional teachers will try to take the students to have more knowledge and comprehension. Each teacher has their own way in accordance with the level of their knowledge and experience. However, overall the teachers do excellent treatment towards the students as the effort of raising students’ knowledge and comprehension.

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