Phubbing as a Result of the 4th Industrial Revolution: Is it Dangerous?

Tri Umari, M. Arli Rusandi, Elni Yakub


Currently 4th Industrial Revolution is being echoed, many things are developing rapidly, one of which is how to communicate along with the increasingly sophisticated smartphones that are currently commonly owned by everyone. But on the other hand, someone pays more attention to his smartphone when communicating directly with other individuals. This behavior is called phubbing and has an impact on daily life. Method: Review e-journals obtained through Google Scholar, Sciencedirect, Ebsco Host, ProQuest. Results: two main impacts were identified, namely (1) relationship satisfaction and (2) personal well-being while efforts to foster awareness of phubbing behavior by developing smartphone applications and sensors as well as the Let’s Disconnect to Connect campaign. Conclusion: Based on the review of this literature, phubbing has a detrimental impact and currently there is still little research in terms of its intervention.

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