PCK-STEM Primary School Teacher Disaster Mitigation: Preliminary Test Using PaP-eRs

Mahdum Mahdum, M. J. Adi Putra, C. R. Lius


This manuscript is written based on a portion of research conducted on elementary school teachers in areas that are often flooded. The purpose of this manuscript is to map the initial abilities of PCK teachers in teaching disaster mitigation. Data was collected using the PaP-eRs which was compiled in reference to basic teaching skills. From the results of the discussion shows the level of PCK disaster mitigation of elementary school teachers in categories that have not yet emerged and are emerging. The basic teaching skills found did not show satisfactory results for all aspects assessed. This means that primary school teachers in teaching disaster mitigation still need to be improved at a higher level. In addition, in general teachers need to improve their abilities in all aspects of basic teaching skills, especially related to teaching disaster mitigation with the STEM.

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