Preliminary Development of the Engineering Design Process Assessment Tool for Elementary Students about Flood Mitigation

M. J. Adi Putra, D. Ayub, A. N. Mukarramah


This paper is the result of research on the development of assessment instruments used to explore students' abilities in the field of engineering design processes in elementary school students. The method used in developing this instrument is to follow the development phase of ADDIE. Starting from analyzing indicators, namely identifying problems, determining solutions, making model designs, testing model designs, and re-creating models. Then the instrument design process is selected in the form of entries. The development phase is done by examining the design of the instrument by considering the characteristics of students, then the implementation is done by testing the worksheets and direct questions on students. The results of implementation show that students have been able to answer the questions given. This means that all questions used to explore students' EDP skills can already be understood by students and there are no misconceptions about the problem. The final results show that all question items can be answered clearly.

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