Readiness for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Based on Optimizing the Use of Facilities Educational Infrastructure at Riau University

Daeng Ayub, M. Jaya Adi Putra, Syafrizal Syafrizal


Educational institution must have readiness in facing the industrial revolution 4.0, especially in terms of facilities and infrastructure. For this reason, this study aims to describe and analyze the level of readiness of students in facing the 4.0 industrial revolution and optimizing the use of infrastructure, as well as describing and analyzing the relationship and the effect of optimizing the use of infrastructure with readiness to face the industrial revolution 4.0 by students at Riau University. The research sample was 534 people taken by stratified random sampling. The instrument test was conducted on 20 students, lecturers and employees. Data were collected using a questionnaire with five choices and data were analyzed using descriptive statistics to find the optimal level of use of infrastructure and readiness to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and inferential statistics to find relationships and the magnitude of influence between variables. The results of this study found that there was a significant influence between the variable optimization of the use of educational infrastructure to the readiness to face the industrial revolution 4.0 at the University of Riau by 48.00%. This finding means that optimizing the use of educational infrastructure for readiness to face the industrial revolution 4.0 together to achieve the desired goals by developing critical thinking skills and creativity, improving communication skills, strengthening the ability to collaborate, and increasing and strengthening self-confidence.

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