“Lubuk Larangan Traditions” Environmental Awareness through the Local Values of Local Civil Society of Pangkalan Indarung Village Kecamatan Singingi Kabupaten Kuantan Singingi

Supentri Supentri, Yuliantoro Yuliantoro, Haryono Haryono


The results of this study provide an explanation that there are still values of the environmentally conscious community through instilling the value of local wisdom lubuk larangan Pangkalan Indarung village community that is through the younger generation and parents mutual synergy and remind each other of the importance of the role of the river flow both for short-term interests and for long-term interests. how to instill the value of environmentally conscious values through customs and cultural traditions and local village government as a support so that each other strengthens each other The ways of inculcating these values are inseparable from the first functioning of the traditional hall as an information center, the second is carried out in a mosque or surau place. surau, while the third one is no less important, namely formal schools such as elementary, junior high school and the fourth is the hall (alongside the river) residents seating across generations while waiting for activities such as bathing, buying and selling rubber, palm oil etc.

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