Introduction to Japanese Culture in the Book of Shokyuu De-Yomeru Topikku 25 and Minna No Nihongo 1 as Basic Level Reading Learning Material

Nana Rahayu


This study aim to describe and introduce Japanese culture in the texts of the book entitled Shokyuu De Yomeru Topikku 25 and Minna No Nihongo Shokyuu 1. Those books were used in the course of Dokkai 1 (Reading 1) and Dokkai 2 (Reading 2) at FKIP UNRI Japanese Language Education Program. This research was a cultural studies by classifying each chapter in the text that contained cultural forms as ideas, activities and works. The research method used in this study was a qualitative descriptive method by using the listening and nothing down technique for data collection. The results of this study in the first book was acquired one chapter containing culture as a form of ideas, eight chapters of cultural form as activities, five chapters of cultural form as works and six chapters introduced culture as ideas and activities. In the second book it was found one chapter introduced cultural form as ideas, eight chapters of cultural form of activity, three chapters of cultural form as works and one chapter that shows cultural form as ideas and activities. This research was expected to be able to provide information to Japanese language teachers that in every Japanese language learning it is also necessary to introduce Japanese culture so that students are interested in learning Japanese because they also get a picture of the true Japanese society.

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