The Useful of Guidance & Counseling in Preparing Child inmates Of Sexual Harassment cases Return to the Society

Ingrid Weddy, Viva Febrya


This study aims to determine whether there are benefits of Guidance & Counseling in preparing child convicts of sexual harassment cases  return to the society. The study was conducted using qualitative methods and described in a descriptive way. The research subjects were selected by 5 inmates based on a purposive method with characteristics, 1. Based of sexual harassment cases, 2. Aged between 16 to 18 years, 3. Domiciled in Pekanbaru. Data obtained by observation and in-depth interviews. The treatment given in this study by  individual counseling services about 1 time, group counseling services about  2 times and group guidance services about 1 time. The results showed that Guidance & Counseling is useful in helping inmates of child sexual abuse cases prepare themselves to return to the society. After attending Guidance & Counseling, child inmates  in Pekanbaru feels that they can be a good person and  ready to face people who may not be able to accept them back.

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