Tunjuk Ajar In the Speech Of The Bukoba Tradition of the Pasir Pengaraian Malay

Misra Nofrita, Delia Putri


Seeing the development of the current generation no longer know Bukoba, it has been proven by no one to know about Bukoba, even though Bukoba is one of the traditions that must be preserved because it contains many values in the formation of children's character. The purpose of this study was to describe the teaching form in the Bukoba traditional text of the Pasir Pengaraian community. There is also a method that is used is a qualitative method, with a survey method conducted by conducting interviews with several informants. Data collection will be conducted in Pasir Pengaraian, Rokan Hulu Regency. The results of the study show that there are several teaching points in Panglimo Awang koba, among them are (1) devotion to the One God, (2) obedience to Mother and Father, (3) hard work, diligence and diligence, (4) sense of responsibility (5) affection and (6) shame. Of the six teaching instructions, the most commonly found is teaching teaching affection.


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