The Relationship Between Parents’ Gender and Children Violence

Devi Risma, Yeni Solfiah, Defni Satria


Parents occupy an important position for children growth and development process. Aside from being an educator, parents also being protectors of children from children violence. However, they sometimes become perpetrators of children violence to their because of discipline. This study aims to determine the relationship of parents’ gender and children violence behavior. This research is a correlation study and it is located on Indragiri Hilir Regency, Riau Province. The sampling technique was quota random sampling with 62 people. The parents’ education level is grouped through the data obtained from the identity of male and female. Violent behavior is measured using a Likert scale that contains physical, psychological, sexual, and social abuse of children. The results of this study there is a significant relationship between the level of parents’ education and children violence. It described with a value of F = 0.2832 and a probability of sig t = 0.020.

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