Analysis of the Performance of Paud and Pnf Leaders through the Achievements of Their Accreditation Results in Provinsi Riau 2018

Wilson Wilson, Titi Maemunaty, Ria Rizkia Alvi


This study aims to obtain an objective picture of the performance of PAUD and PNF leaders through the achievement of their accreditation results in Riau Province in 2018. The performance of the institution's leadership is measured through the achievements of the accreditation results of the institution in the form of obtaining scores from the cumulative scores of each item on 8 standards. As a survey research, data was taken using documentary data from 2018 validation results. Data were analyzed with percentages and the results were: (1) 750 institutions that submitted accreditation to BAN PAUD AND PNF Riau Province, consisting of 696 PAUD institutions, 35 PKBM Institutions and 19 LKP Institutions (2) The performance of the leadership of PAUD and PNF institutions of 750 institutions in Riau Province was measured through the achievement of the accreditation results obtained which reached A only 8.1%, which reached B there were 60%, which achieved a C value of 31.5%, and there is TT achievement (not accredited) 0.4% (3) Performance of institutional leadership can be seen from the number of accredited institutions, then the performance of PAUD institution leaders is good that there are 696 institutions that are accredited, while the performance of PKBM institution leaders is low that is, only 35 institutions were accredited, and the leadership of LKP institutions was on average low at only 19 institutions. In terms of the achievements of the accreditation results, it is known that the performance of PAUD leadership shows that the average accreditation results are good (62.2%), while PKBM institutions (51%) are in the Fair category, and LKP (42.1%) is in the good category, this shows the value of the achievements of the accreditation results. average categorized low.

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