Analysis of Entrepreneurship Attitude in 4-6 Years Old Children

Enda Puspitasari, Ria Novianti


Entrepreneurship attitude is the spirit to open its own business. In 2018 there were 6.87 million open unemployment, meaning that some people did not have entrepreneurship attitude, this is due to the creation of entrepreneurship attitude rarely done at school or at home, whereas the growth of entrepreneurship attitude needs to be trained. The establishment of an entrepreneurship attitude can be done in early childhood in line with the planting of character values in children. This research aims to know the magnitude of entrepreneurial attitude in children aged 5-6 years at the Labor College FKIP Riau University. entrepreneurship attitude can be develop earlier in inculcating character to children. The purpose of this study was to determine the magnitude of of entrepreneurship attituds in children aged 5-6 years in kindergartenlaboratory teachers’ training and education faculty ofRiau University. The research method used is descriptive quantitative method. The population is children aged 4-6 years old totaling 61 children. The sampling technique uses saturated samples with a total of 61 children. And data collection techniques using observation. Furthermore, data analysis techniques using the percentage formula. The findings of this study are the average entrepreneurship attitudes of children in the Starting to Develop category with a percentage of 48.75%. This means that entrepreneurship attitudes in children have not emerged optimally so they need to be encouraged and stimulated. From 6 indicators of entrepreneurship attitudes, there are 2 indicators that Develop in Accordance with Expectations including confidence with a percentage of 52.04% and risk taking with a percentage of 50.2%. The other indicators are categorized intostart to develop including task and outcome oriented, leadership, originality, and the lowest percentage indicator is 45.9% in the future oriented.

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