Investigating Teaching Skills Improvement Contributed by Presentation Instruction

Rr Sri Kartikowati, Gimin Gimin


As teachers’ candidates, students in the Faculty of Education must master the presentation skills in order to perform teaching well. This experimental research aimed to investigate the effect of presentation instruction on students’ teaching skills in the subject of Micro-teaching. Prior to conducting the instruction, a guidance paper was designed. It was distributed to students after they presented their first teaching skills performance. The second performance was carried out after a guidance paper was being studied. Therefore, data were collected through observation two times - before and after the presentation instruction has been studied and practiced for two sessions. Data gathered focused on two kinds of teaching skills (skills of explanation and skills of using media) by which students underlined the strong contributions from the instruction they learnt. Data then were analyzed statistically using SPSS to know its contribution. The result showed that the improvement of explanation skills contributed by presentation instruction was categorized at a high degree (Cohan’s d: 0,7603); and confirmed that it also has a positive effect on students’ improvement of using media skills contributed at a high degree (Cohan’s d: 1,8557). It can be concluded that the presentation instruction provided perspective into other teaching skills and presented suggestions for future research.

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