21st Century Skills-Based Learning Donations Against the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Vocational High School Teachers in Tapung Hulu Subdistrict, Kampar

Said Suhil Achmad, Daeng Ayub


The teacher's entrepreneurial spirit is a combination of creativity, innovation, and the courage to face risks that are done with hard work to shape and maintain school progress. The teacher entrepreneurship spirit can be enhanced by conducting 21st century skill-based learning. The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the level of teacher entrepreneurship spirit and 21st century skill-based learning, and the relationship and contribution of 21st Century skill-based learning to teacher entrepreneurship spirit. The study was conducted at the Vocational High School of Tapung Hulu District, Kampar Regency. This descriptive quantitative study was conducted by survey. The total population of 75 teachers and a sample of research determined by 64 teachers. Data were collected by questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The results of this study found that the level of entrepreneurial spirit of teachers was high with a mean of 4.28, while 21st Century skills-based learning was also high with a mean of 4.32. The relationship of 21st Century skill-based learning with the entrepreneurial spirit of teachers was gained by 0.648 with the contribution of variable X to Variable Y by 42.00 percent (moderate). The results and findings of this study mean that the better 21st Century skill-based learning will be, the better the entrepreneurial spirit of the teacher.

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